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Disney d20: The Lord of Beasts Arc, Prologue

It's a funeral pyre, thought Corden, staring up at the charred husk of what had once been the Castle of Ravenna, the Keep of Lady Grimhilde. White walls blackened by soot and ash; collapsed fine stonework; parapets and walls reduced to rubble; towers blown apart as if set aflame by God. The place was sickly; an emaciated shell of what had once been a majestic noble seat, the end of a centuries-long tradition culminating in a pile of cinders.
He dabbed at a wall coated in grime and dulled crimson splotches with his mop, then took one quick and despondent scan of the courtyard. A week of scrubbing and rinsing and this place still looked and smelled like carrion. The guard shook his head in disbelief. 
"Look at this place, James. What do you think happened here?"
"Rebels," coughed his chum, a fellow army drug, absently scrubbing away. 
"No, I know that, but... l
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Disney d20: Mirror, Mirror Epilogue

"If you need anything, anything at all, we will be right outside this door, Princess."
Saoirse put on her best approximation of a sad but innocent smile. 
Saoirse: "Th-thank you, Captain. I will."
The Captain bowed, reverently, and closed the door behind him. Saoirse put her ear to the door and raised a hand to her "handmaidens" behind her, palm splayed. With each finger she counted the seconds, until she was sure the military man and his soldiers were out of earshot. Once she had a closed fist, "the princess" pivoted her dainty heels, arms crossed, a smug smile gracing her heart-shaped face.
Saoirse: "Ladies and gentlemen, we did it."
Scorpius: "Yes, I'm sure you're very satisfied with yourself, your majesty, but I have a small question or three-"
He threw off his disguise--shawl, shapeless dress and all--into a bundle and kicked it viciously across the room.
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Disney d20: Mirror, Mirror FINALE

Grimhilde's Perspective 
When the Mirror had enfolded those scoundrels into its alien dimension, both Queen and Hag could bask in a shared elation of triumph. There was nothing quite like removing a pesky obstacle. In one fell stroke they had eliminated their enemies, and without the aide of their pet Sheriff or any of the guards. The Mirror would dispose of those irritable, loathsome, gnats in no time at all. They were sure of it. 
That was then.
Victory now set for a sudden flickering of awareness. In that one instant, they remembered they were still at war, and like a bucket of ice water reality washed over them in its stinging clarity. Spasms rocked their nervous system something fierce; muscles protested and bones snapped like dry twigs and organs stretched like twisted clay. Every iota of her being was nothing short of sheer physical agony,
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Disney d20: Mirror, Mirror #6

Grimhilde, the Lady Regent, the Evil Queen of Snow White, had had better days.
A few moments ago, she was about to slice herself a small sliver of catharsis after a long and trying evening wrestling with riots, failed assassination attempts and literal inner demons. Unfortunately, she hadn't expected for her unconscious prey to be, well, conscious. And kicking. And armed. So there she was, in the corner of a dirty cell, loomed over by the troublemakers who made such a mess of things for her army. 
Their leader, who in a certain light could have passed for Snow White's twin sister, resembled nothing more than a warped manifestation of her guilt-ridden nightmares; dressed head to toe in the princess's own blue and yellow dress, smattered with blood. Her own blood. Oh, and she was holding a knife. Which also had her blood. Speaking of, quite a bit of it w
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Disney d20: Mirror, Mirror #5

Man, we ended on a hell of a downer note last chapter, didn't we? After a thrilling boss fight where our barbarian, Princess Rose, became the first of our party to defeat a Disney baddie in combat... they learned a little too late the Huntsman had been a good man. And a father. Snow White's father. All along. Whoops.. That he sacrificed his independence to be magically enslaved by Grimhilde so that Snow White could live just a little longer, and they killed a man that selfless? Yikes, that smarted. Hell, they would have no way of knowing if Snow White knew the Huntsman was her father or, you know, telling her at this point. How could they?
"Hi, Snow White, you have a father! Who's dead! We, uh, we killed him. Sorry about that..."
Yeah... Rose was, uh, not taking the news especially well. None of
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Fel's Post-Kharis Makeover :icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 28 22 Fel's Sweet Sixteen Movies :icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 14 8
Disney d20: Mirror, Mirror #4

Things are not looking good for our heroes. 
Let's recap:
Irish Rogue Saoirse's plan to divert enemy attention away from Snow White worked too well. 
Saoirse was hypnotized to eat the enchanted apple and has fallen into the same death-like trance as Snow White.
Lady Regent Grimhilde now has Saoirse, Khajit the Feline Nature Sage and Paladin Bradamante locked away in the dungeons of Castle Ravenna.
The party is officially, as of now, three members down.
... And Bradamante and Khajit are nekkid. Well, stripped to their underwear, but they might as well be. 
Zhi explained everything mentioned above to the remaining party members (Sara, Taran, Rose, Scorpius). Well, everything except Brad and Khajit being nekkid. Scorpius took note of something peculiar-
Scorpius: "You said that this old woman offered an apple and... Saoirse just ate it?"
Zhi: "It was weird, like..
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Question for Anime Watchers

Sun Apr 23, 2017, 7:23 AM

... Why is this whole "little sister has an incestuous crush on their older brother" such a prevalent trope in anime, manga and Japanese video games? I'm a little confused. I can't seem to find any sources that'd indicate the roots here, so what am I missing? What's the deal? It's everywhere. 

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Do you put ketchup on your hotdog? 

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